McCann Canada joins CAMA’s National Sustaining Partner line-up

“It was an easy decision to support the Canadian Agri-food Marketing Alliance (CAMA) and the valuable role the organization plays in the agri-food sector.” That’s how Ryan Timms, President of McCann Canada explains his company’s commitment when McCann signed on to become CAMA’s latest National Sustaining Partner in September 2023.

The National Sustaining Partner program supports CAMA’s mission to support member growth through networking, professional development, thought-leadership and knowledge sharing through collaboration.

“We believe in the value CAMA brings to the industry. Over the years our company has benefited from the networking, learning and awards events the organization has hosted, and we believe it is incumbent on us to support the sustainability of the organization,” says Timms.

The ability to foster connections within the agri-food industry, develop a better understanding of trends shaping ag marketing and the opportunity to be active participants and support the sector also top the list of reasons McCann supports CAMA’s national partner program.

Like many CAMA members, Timms says the annual Best of CAMA awards event stands out as his favourite CAMA event, especially the first one he attended. He says the occasion provided him with a better appreciation for the creativity that exists across Canada’s agri-food industry and he loves the opportunity to be immersed in the work presented at the event.

“We are so proud of the work we do for our clients in this sector. Our company loves agriculture,” says Timms, explaining that he also relies on a thriving marketing community within the agri-food industry to motivate everyone to raise the bar and create amazing work. “That’s one of the great things CAMA contributes and we are all thankful for it.”

CAMA’s new National Sustaining Partner Program adds AdFarm to list of supporters

AdFarm has been a member of CAMA’s Alberta chapter since its inception. Proud of their longstanding membership and supporter of the organization, AdFarm signed on to the National Sustaining Partner Program as soon as the new program was announced.

“As a company, we’ve enjoyed the benefits of a CAMA membership – from networking and personal skill development, to profiling our client work and even recruiting,” says Ben Graham, President, AdFarm. “And now we’ve signed on to help ensure the progression of CAMA, with a goal to increase the effectiveness of the organization, members and affiliated ndustry organizations.”

The only professional organization dedicated to the Canadian agri-marketing and food industry, CAMA is well known for its professional development opportunities, networking and leadership. The new National Sustaining Partner Program will help CAMA raise the bar on programs and activities to drive the industry.

“CAMA has an opportunity to truly be a leader in enhancing and progressing the quality of people, and subsequently the work in the ag and food communications field. There is a need in many provinces for leadership and career enhancement, and CAMA can fill that need,” says Graham.

A highlight for many members is the Best of CAMA. Graham believes such a unique event offer members the opportunity to view and gauge the quality of work within the industry. The annual event also offers members a platform to profile their work and network to build valuable relationships. “A membership in CAMA has endless opportunities, I know it has certainly been a benefit to AdFarm,” he says.

Glacier FarmMedia Partners with CAMA’s National Sustaining program

For as long as anyone can remember, Glacier FarmMedia has been involved in CAMA. From serving as board members of local chapters and at the national level, to hosting and attending events, the Glacier FarmMedia team is committed to the organization. And now, Glacier FarmMedia has signed on as a National Sustaining Partner to ensure CAMA can continue programming and industry leadership.

“Thank you to the CAMA national board members and Mary Thornley for inviting us to be a founding member. As Glacier FarmMedia continues to evolve to serve the needs of Canadian farmers, we’re honoured to be a partner and supporter of the important work you are doing for agri-marketing in Canada,” says Bob Willcox, President, Glacier FarmMedia.

AGI signs on to CAMA’s National Sustaining program

Professional development and sharing industry knowledge top the list of AGI’s reasons for joining CAMA in 2019. It didn’t take long for AGI to recognize the value CAMA offers to members and the agri-marketing industry, so, when CAMA announced the new National Sustaining Partner Program, AGI quickly signed on.

“This partnership is an opportunity for AGI to be part of the conversation about what modern ag marketing looks like,” says Michael Morreale, AGI’s Marketing Manager. “By participating and contributing to CAMA’s industry events we are able to demonstrate our leadership while learning from our peers.”

A Canadian-founded company, AGI holds CAMA memberships in Manitoba and Ontario chapters. “We believe culture is everything. With collaboration and curiosity as two of our core corporate values, we are always challenging ourselves to find new ways to support our employees and the sector as a whole,” says Morreale. And a partnership with CAMA aligns nicely with AGI’s values. As CAMA members, AGI demonstrates their corporate goals through their participation at professional development events, recently presenting a CAMA webinar about the customer experience journey through Covid-19 where the company shared how the pandemic had changed the way they conducted business.

Morreale notes networking opportunities with fellow Canadian agri-marketers, access to educational sessions and peer-education social events with industry representatives as some of the greatest benefits of a CAMA membership.

“We are a dynamic ag-focused company with deep roots in the Prairies, and we look forward to sharing and learning from each other through CAMA,” says Morreale.

RealAgriculture joins CAMA National Sustaining Partner lineup

Over the years, the RealAg team have immersed themselves in every CAMA opportunity, realizing the value and benefits of membership in such an industry-focused community of agri-marketers. So, when CAMA put out the call to join the new National Sustaining Partner program, it was an easy decision for RealAgriculture to sign on.