Be a mentor and share your knowledge. Be a mentee and learn from an industry veteran.

CAMA’s roots are founded in networking, providing educational opportunities and making connections within the Canadian agri-food marketing industry. This is also the foundation for our Mentorship Program. The program is an opportunity for members to connect one-on-one, learn from each other, become role models for future professionals, and grow their network. The mentorship program is open to all CAMA members at all career levels who possess an area of expertise or an area of desired growth. The program is also open to post-secondary students.

A six-month term, the program’s mentor and mentee matches are based on areas of focus, similar interests and skillsets.
The next program will begin October 2023 - April 2024.

Top 7 reasons to participate in the Mentorship Program:

  1. Connect with an established national network of professionals
  2. Develop personal and professional skills in a supportive environment
  3. Foster a new network of professional relationships
  4. Experience a diverse learning environment
  5. Participate in a national program designed for peers by their peers
  6. Invest in the future performance and professionalism of the agri-food marketing sector
  7. Enjoy life-long learning alongside fellow CAMA members

Learn how you can become a Mentor or a Mentee by contacting Mary at