Glacier FarmMedia Partners with CAMA’s National Sustaining program

For as long as anyone can remember, Glacier FarmMedia has been involved in CAMA. From serving as board members of local chapters and at the national level, to hosting and attending events, the Glacier FarmMedia team is committed to the organization. And now, Glacier FarmMedia has signed on as a National Sustaining Partner to ensure CAMA can continue programming and industry leadership.

“Thank you to the CAMA national board members and Mary Thornley for inviting us to be a founding member. As Glacier FarmMedia continues to evolve to serve the needs of Canadian farmers, we’re honoured to be a partner and supporter of the important work you are doing for agri-marketing in Canada,” says Bob Willcox, President, Glacier FarmMedia.

Willcox explains that the purpose of Glacier FarmMedia is to serve Canadian farmers with the news, information, and insights they need to be successful on their farms. And CAMA enables his team to fulfill that, providing them with opportunities to build industry relationships, access to some of the most strategic and creative marketers in the business, and keep up to date with challenges and trends fellow agri-marketers are noticing in the industry. CAMA membership has also helped members of the Glacier FarmMedia team realize unique business opportunities as they build relationships, uncover marketing challenges and provide solutions for fellow members or their clients.

“Our advertising representatives consider CAMA to be one of their most important networking opportunities,” says Lisa Graham, Director of Sales, Glacier FarmMedia. “When you’re pitching advertising or marketing solutions to a company or an agency, the formal meetings are just that – formal. The best and most creative ideas stem from relaxed conversation and casual meetings. CAMA events are an ideal venue for us to build relationships with our customers that foster the kind of creative conversations that helps to uncover marketing challenges together and offer solutions.”

As a National Sustaining Partner, Glacier FarmMedia is investing in the future growth and sustainability of CAMA. Willcox says it was an easy decision to support CAMA as the organizations enhance out their national scope. He expects CAMA will continue to build on the creative and impactful programs like the Cambassador and new mentorship program, and host educational and networking opportunities for agri-marketers.

“I have been involved with CAMA since I started my career in agriculture a decade ago, attending events, sitting as a board member for the Ontario chapter, and of course, participating in Best of CAMA,” says Amanda Macfarlane, Director of Corporate Communication and Strategic Partnerships. “Members in our organization are some of the best in the business, and CAMA has been an incredible opportunity for peer learning and access to some of the most strategic and creative marketers working in agriculture.”

By:  Jeanine Moyer, Barn Door Communications and CAMA National Communications Lead