How to get the most from speed networking at CAMA’s Level Up Conference

The opportunity to ‘Level Up’ means participants at CAMA’s Level Up Conference (November 1-2, 2023 in Winnipeg, MB) can challenge themselves to elevate their confidence, skills and experience to compete and engage with the best in marketing, in agriculture, agr-food and beyond.

What better opportunity for participants to ‘Level Up’ than networking with fellow industry professionals and suppliers? That’s why this year’s event features a novel component – speed networking.

Speed networking provides conference attendees with the opportunity for focused, one-to-one meetings with fellow conference goers. These professional networking sessions can break the ice and serve as the beginning of new connections that can carry on during, and after the event.

By downloading the Whova event app, attendees can view the list of fellow conference participants and suppliers ahead of the event. Attendees can connect through the app ahead of the event and book short introduction meetings. Leveraging the app and list of attendees can help participants plan ahead, while facilitating connection opportunities that could result in meaningful business relationships.

Speed networking events are scheduled within the conference agenda. Attendees can schedule networking directly into their own customizable conference schedule on the app, keeping all the contact info in one place.

The best way to prepare for speed networking is by reviewing the list of conference attendees, identifying people to connect with or gaps in their business network they would like to fill or expand. Local suppliers will also be participating, providing a new way to source marketing and communications business connections. Once a meeting has been scheduled, participants should plan ahead, making a list of questions to help guide the conversation to get the most out of the short meeting time.

Follow up is key to get the most out of the conference speed networking events. It’s also essential for building business relationships. The Level Up Conference event app can help with that too. Attendees will have access to fellow conference participant contact information, allowing them to follow up immediately after the conference to maintain connections and relationships.

CAMA is committed to providing opportunities for members to connect, inspire, share skills and experience personal growth. This new approach to professional (speed) networking will foster new connections, synergies and collaboration across the entire agri-food industry.

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