CAMA welcomes Bayer Crop Science as its first National Sustaining Partner

It’s easy to partner with an organization that aligns with your company’s values and motivates the industry. That was the response from Bayer Crop Science, when they signed on to become CAMA’s first National Sustaining Partner.

“Bayer chose to support CAMA in this new partnership opportunity so we can continue to have a top-notch organization representing our industry to facilitate growth and share learnings with our agri-marketing community,” says Lauren Davis, Marketing Communications Manager with Bayer Crop Science Inc., noting he’s not certain when Bayer Crop Science first became a CAMA member, but the company has awards that date back a number of decades.

When the new partner program was announced in early 2021, Bayer identified the clear alignment between CAMA’s purpose and their own. Bayer is well known for its ‘Science for a Better Life’ motto, and Davis says CAMA’s outlook is similar, “serving to push its members, and the entire industry to do better today than we did yesterday to make our futures all a little better.”

Davis believes the ability to tap into a supportive network of like-minded individuals and sharing practices are the top benefits of being a CAMA member. “I recently participated in a CAMA panel discussion about virtual trade shows where we had fabulous industry participation and it was a great opportunity to share our learnings. As a result of that event, our company was ultimately able to improve the experience of our customers at such events,” he says.

“CAMA supports a high standard in the agricultural advertising industry, especially with its annual awards competition that drives members to ‘do better’,” says Davis.  In fact, the Best of CAMA awards program is a highlight for Davis and his Bayer colleagues every year. “It brings together industry representatives while serving as a platform to acknowledge outstanding work and continuously raising the bar to challenge us all to do better.” CAMA’s flexibility in moving the 2020 and 2021 Best of CAMA events to a virtual format is another example of how the organization’s values align with Bayer’s. Davis cites the company’s LIFE values, that stands for Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency. “We follow these values in everything we do, including advertising and I see these values demonstrated within CAMA’s organization too, especially with the flexibility over the past year, working through a pandemic.”

Looking ahead to building the sustaining partner relationship, Davis expects great things from CAMA and its members. He notes the opportunities are only limited by the ideas and the participation of members at both the provincial chapter and national levels. Davis says, “we can do great things, share learnings and best practices, network and continue to advance our industry for the better…and it’s the great people and members that will continue to drive the value and opportunity for the organization.”


Jeanine Moyer, Barn Door Communications and CAMA National Communications Lead