CAMA brings Canada’s agri-food marketing professionals together

The Canadian Agri-food Marketers Alliance (CAMA) is a network of agri-food marketing professionals from across Canada. With chapters located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, CAMA represents agri-food marketing professionals throughout Canada’s food system, offering valuable opportunities including:

  • Learning the latest insights and trends in agri-food marketing from leading experts
  • Networking with agri-food industry professionals from across the country
  • Connecting and collaborating with peers from other areas of the value chain
  • Developing skills, learning from experts, and gaining recognition

Members include marketers, communicators, sales, and branders in agri-food companies representing manufacturers, processors, retailers, marketing agencies, media, academia, and other agri-food-related companies, organizations and associations – all dedicated to improving the marketing and communications sector of Canada’s food system.

From unbeatable events, professional development, and cross sector networking, CAMA brings together Canada’s agri-food marketing professionals.

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Chapters and Leadership

CAMA’s Five Chapters: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec

With chapters across the country, CAMA allows members to keep up-to-date with the latest agri-food marketing trends and network with peers across the country.

Visit chapter pages to find out more about the CAMA leadership and events in your province:

Chapter President
Calissa Reid

"We aim to make ag connections while staying current on the latest trends within the dynamic industry of Alberta's agriculture."

Chapter President
Michelle Young

"Reach out to our team for the latest Saskatchewan agriculture and agri-marketing events."

Chapter President
Amanda Meyer

"There is no other place where Manitoba agri-marketers go to build their personal brand and maximize their involvement in this dynamic industry."

Chapter President
Megan Wright

"Ontario is the CAMA organization’s largest chapter, and our members are spread out geographically across our province."

Chapter President
Etienne Dupuis

"ACAM Quebec promotes communication in agriculture by organizing networking and training activities."

The History of CAMA

Supporting agri-food marketing professionals since 1966.

Founded in 1966, the Canadian Agri-Marketing Association (now name Canadian Agri-food Marketers Alliance) was formed to connect marketing and advertising people to promote the highest standards of agri-food marketing. The organization set out to provide opportunities for agri-food marketers to assist each other in areas of mutual interest, encourage the study and better understanding of agri-food advertising and communications, like selling and other phases of agri-food marketing, and to promote interest in agri-food marketing as a career. Through information sharing, industry updates, speakers, courses, mentoring and networking, CAMA has evolved as the leading organization to connect agri-marketers. Over the years, these objectives have maintained their value and purpose, providing members with the same benefits today.

In 1982, the CAMA Student Chapter was created at the University of Guelph to engage the next generation in the agri-marketing industry. CAMA members and the executive provided information sharing and mentorship. Supporting agri-marketing students continues to this day, as the University of Guelph Student Chapter and University of Saskatchewan are both strong groups at their respective schools and compete annually at the NAMA Student Marketing Competition.
The first Best of CAMA event was held in Calgary in 1984. This event was modeled after the NAMA conference held annually in the USA. Best of CAMA was originally an awards night followed by a one-day conference. The inaugural event was successful with 215 agri-marketing entries from across Canada. This event has evolved over the years, continuing to celebrate the cream of the crop in Canadian agricultural marketing and providing a platform for networking and education.

In the early years of the organization, communication between members and the executive looked a lot different than it does today. Monthly newsletters, notices, invitations, acceptances, minutes and meeting notices were sent by mail, and executive meetings and member events were held in person and over the phone. Now, almost all of the communication between the members and executive take place over the internet with online meetings, webinars and conference calls being an easy way to keep members connected. Chapters continue to organize regular in-person events, providing valuable networking experiences and ‘camaraderie’.

An organization is only as good as its members, and CAMA has had a strong group of industry members throughout the years. Many predominant names in the agri-food industry have been involved with the organization. Many past presidents and committee members involved in the organization are still faces that you will see at CAMA events today. This is a testament to the wonderful organization that CAMA has become.

In 2021, CAMA saw the increasing trend of the two ends of the value chain working together more and more, and rebranded and expanded its mandate to be more inclusive of Canada’s entire food system, representing professional marketers and communicators from one end of the value chain to the other.

CAMA history written by Laura Fullerton with resource assistance from Lillie Ann Morris.