Why Become a CAMA Member? 

From unbeatable events and education to stellar networking, CAMA brings together top-notch professionals for business and good times.

The Canadian Agri-Marketing Association (CAMA) is a network of agri-business marketing professionals across Canada. With chapters located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, CAMA offers valuable opportunities to people in the agri-marketing industry. Agri-business is changing fast, CAMA can give you the specialized edge:

  • Get the latest insights on agri-marketing from leading experts
  • Network with agri-industry professionals from across the country
  • Develop leadership skills, learn from experts, and gain recognition

An organization is only as good as its members and CAMA has had a strong group of industry members throughout its many years of operation. Many predominant names in the agriculture industry have been involved with the organization in some capacity over the years, as a member of the executive, speaking at a meeting, or by attending an event. Many past presidents and committee members involved in the organization many years ago are still facing that you will see at CAMA events to this day. This is an attest to the wonderful organization that CAMA has been and will continue to be for years to come.

"CAMA will help you gain a fresh outlook on the world of agri-marketing and your place in it. Members consist of manufacturers, retailers, agencies, media, academia, other associations and other agricultural-related operations – all dedicated to improving the marketing and communications sector of the industry throughout the value chain." - Mary Thornley, Executive Director at CAMA

Ready, Set, Grow!

Listen to our Executive Director, Mary Thornley, as she shares the benefits of being a CAMA member on the RH Accelerator podcast "Ready Set Grow".

Membership Benefits

Why the movers and shakers of the agri-marketing
industry belong to CAMA:

  • Access to professional development sessions and networking events
  • Showcase your agri-marketing at the annual Best of CAMA Awards
  • Qualify for National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) membership
  • Receive exclusive agri-marketing content, event invites, and job postings
  • Students receive a free two-year membership after graduations
cama networking event

Recent and Coming Member Events

Receive exclusive invites to agriculture events in your chapter's province. 

We host a variety of events throughout our chapters to provide networking and learning opportunities for agri-marketers. From recent grads just entering the agri-marketing world to longtime veterans, CAMA has something for everyone.

Best of CAMA 2021

After spending a year of strategizing, planning, creating, analyzing and reporting on work that you're proud of, the Best of CAMA is here to recognize and celebrate all of your hard work.

Get the credit you deserve and enter your best agri-marketing projects for a chance to be honoured with the industry's best during our first virtual Best of CAMA event on November 18th, 2021.

Livestock logo

Livestock Water Recycling

Manure handling and storage has devastating economic and environmental impacts. Pollution from farms can affect the quality of the air, soil and groundwater in local communities. Health issues from excess manure can cause sickness in works and lost productivity in animals. Expansion and succession planning are often not feasible. However, Livestock Water Recycling creates value for the food production industry by reducing the expense and environmental impact of waste liquids.

deepwater farms logo

DeepWater Farms

If you’ve never heard of aquaponics before - don’t feel bad. The modern aquaponic farm is a relatively new concept, where fish are farmed in large, indoor tanks and their waste is filtered out of the water and upgraded through a series of natural processes. The upgraded waste is used as fertilizer for plants, which are being grown hydroponically (“without soil”) in a separate system.

agri studies logo

Agri Marketing Application (AMA)

AMA is the newest course in the Agribusiness Marketing Management program. The program has been designed for agribusiness professionals who have already completed Marketing to Farm Businesses (or the equivalent) and Strategic Agri Marketing. AMA is the third and final course in CAMA’s Certificate in Agri Marketing.


Dairy Distillery

Dairy Distillery is an Almonte, Ontario based start-up that develops technology to transform excess lactose from dairy production into ethanol. Their first product, Vodkow, is a vodka that has attracted international acclaim thanks to its smooth taste and strong sustainability story. A year after its launch in November 2018, Vodkow is available province-wide in Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia. The company is now working to expand its technology to fuel ethanol production.

Chapters and Leadership

CAMA's Five Chapters: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec. 

With chapters across the country, CAMA allows members to keep up-to-date on the latest agri-marketing trends. CAMA members are eligible to enter the annual Best of CAMA  awards program, which celebrates excellence in Agri-Marketing in Canada.

Visit chapter pages to find out more about the CAMA leadership and events in your province:

Chapter President
Carolyn Lemoine

"We aim to make ag connections while staying current on the latest trends within the dynamic industry of Alberta's agriculture."

Chapter President
Dean Barton

"Reach out to our team for the latest Saskatchewan agriculture and agri-marketing events."

Chapter President
Robert Mensies

"There is no other place where Manitoba agri-marketers go to build their personal brand and maximize their involvement in this dynamic industry."

Chapter President
Ben Lanthier

"Ontario is the CAMA organization’s largest chapter, and our members are spread out geographically across our province."

Chapter President
Daniel Lamoureux

"The Canadian Agri-marketing Association, Quebec section (ACAM Quebec) promotes communication in agriculture by organizing networking and training activities."


Why do the movers and shakers of the agri-marketing industry belong to CAMA?

Sign up to CAMA's newsletter by becoming a member in your chapter and find out by staying up-to-date on all of the latest events.


We host a variety of events throughout our chapters to provide networking and learning opportunities for agri-marketers.

The Best of CAMA is our prestigious annual event in celebrating excellence in agri-marketing communications.