Canadian Agri-Marketing Association
January 2021
Chairman’s Message
Welcome to your National CAMA e-newsletter.
As we begin a new year, you and your fellow agri-marketers are hard at work planning and implementing your marketing and communications activities for the year. The volunteers who make up your provincial chapter, as well as CAMA National, are no different. Below you will see all of the great programming that is being development for you.
For National specifically, there is no shortage of big picture initiatives that we’re working through, all in the effort of making CAMA the best association for you. This includes the expansion of CAMBASSADOR mentorship program, CAMA Academy, entire value chain inclusivity project, National Agri-Marketing Conference, student mentorship program, accreditation program…
If you’re inspired with CAMA’s potential and have some available time to donate, please reach out to any of the National directors or to Mary Thornley. We can put you to work on developing and executing some of these priorities.
Our provincial chapters, CAMA National, and our sister association NAMA in the US, continue to provide great programming virtually, so keep an eye on your inboxes for upcoming events.
Robert Mensies
National Chair
Upcoming CAMA Events
Tuesday, February 8 @ 12:00 pm CT
Thursday, February 18 @ 12:00 pm CT
Tuesday, February 23 @ 11:00 am ET
CAMA Saskatchewan Webinar with LMNO “Digial Marketing Best Practices”
Thursday, March 25 @ 12:00 pm CT
**Stay tune for upcoming webinars in March and April.
Our Latest Cambassador – Lillie Ann Morris
It’s tough to find someone in the Canadian agriculture marketing biz who doesn’t know Lillie Ann Morris. Born in the USA, Kentucky farm girl Lillie Ann has had a long-standing impact on agriculture north of the border, holding advertising sales positions with Public Press (owned by United Grain Growers at the time to rep Country Guide and Canadian Cattlemen), Top Crop Manager, and Farm Business Communications (where she is currently an ad sales consultant for Country Guide, Farmtario and Le Bulletin des agriculteurs). Lillie Ann proudly calls Ontario home and is well known for her relentless drive to build relationships with key players across the entire Canadian agricultural scene, especially organizations that favour care of the soil.
It’s no surprise that Lillie Ann received the CAMA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017. Lillie Ann first joined CAMA in 1976 and on the board by 1978. Her positive attitude breathed new life into the group and she was instrumental in growing CAMA across the country. In 1983, Lillie Ann served as the first female CAMA president, where she worked to bring us the very first “Best of CAMA” awards, which are still running today.
Lillie Ann has never stopped promoting agriculture and supporting the younger generation – through partnerships with AgScape, Ag In The Classroom-Canada, 4-H Canada and the University of Guelph’s CAMA Student Chapter. Lillie Ann attends as many CAMA events as possible and is now joining our Cambassador program.
Welcome Lillie Ann! We’re looking forward to having you as a part of our Cambassador team along with Terry Andryo and David Lazarenko.
About the Cambassador Program
The Cambassador program was designed to provide additional value to all CAMA members by providing them with access to passionate industry leaders who provide quality mentorship opportunities. Whether it’s career advice and support, connecting like-minded individuals or just being a knowledgeable resource, Cambassadors care about the professional development of their industry peers and help foster a sense of community among their network. For more information, contact
University Chapter Updates
University of Guelph
Article provided by: Faith Fullerton, President
The University of Guelph CAMA Student Chapter has been working diligently to create a comprehensive marketing plan for this years’ NAMA Competition. Our product this year is an immune enhanced yogurt. The first few lactations from a cow are very high in antibodies. These antibodies help to promote immune enhancement in humans. Certain robot dairy farms will have an on farm milk holding tank where carefully selected cows with specific genes will be used. After their calf is born, the milk from the first few milking’s will be sent to the holding tank. Some cows have genetically high antibodies, therefore those cows will be identified and their milk will be used at any lactation stage. That specific, high antibody milk will then be used to make yogurt. There is a great benefit to producer as well as a high benefit to the consumer.
This years’ team consists on 10 University of Guelph Students who are all in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year within the OAC (Ontario Agriculture College). We have hour and a half meetings twice a week over Zoom. We are very fortunate to have Mike von Massow as our team faculty advisor. Mike is a professor within the Food Agriculture and Resource Economics Department and brings the team a great amount of knowledge in the consumer spending habits and food choices.
Although this year looks a little different, we are excited to execute our product plan and present at the Virtual NAMA Competition this April. We would like to thank everyone who has supported the University of Guelph CAMA team over the years, whether it was through sponsorship, advisement, product ideas, or words of encouragement. We could not have had the past success we have had if it wasn’t for you! We are not looking for sponsorship this year as we do not have any expenses, however would appreciate your expertise. We will be holding a virtual dry-run presentation night in early March, so please join us to give input and ask questions about our product. This helps us prepare immensely.  
University of Saskatchewan
Article provided by: Cheyenne Dumont, President
The University of Saskatchewan CAMA team is composed of 18 members and is being advised by Professors Tristan Skolrud and Sabine Liebenehm. Our product this year is an app that provides the service of connecting farmers and ranchers with potential farm hands to help out on their operations. The app will have a very straightforward navigation, along with many filters and categories which will provide the benefit of convenience for users. Other benefits would include the ease of finding farm hands through the filters and categories which allow you to narrow down your search process. Our research process consists of four teams, action plan, internal analysis, external analysis and financials. We have weekly meetings where each group comes together and shares their ideas and research with the group. This helps us have in-depth conversations where we can build on our ideas. We are not asking for any financial support this year but would greatly appreciate any help in critiquing our project. Please contact Cheyenne Dumont if you’d like to support their project. More information will be sent to CAMA members about our virtual critique event. 
University of Regina
Article provided by: Arslan Azeem, President
As the President of the University of Regina CAMA student chapter, it’s an honor of being the newest addition to the national network. Despite 2021 being our first year of competition, we have fully committed to being a hyper-competitive team from our inception, and will do so by innovating beyond the expectations of the NAMA marketing competition. Our team is striving to develop a new philosophy of food, where we will invent food products that simultaneously have cultural, environmental, ethical, and health components, in addition to occasionally solving societal problems through social entrepreneurship and social innovation. Our long-term vision will encompass the creation of Western Canadian foods that are distinct from all other cuisines in the world, due to having the highest standards of ethics possible. As part of this vision, a major focus of our group is the exploration of lentils as a key ingredient, due to its health benefits, low cost, accessibility as a staple food, locally and ethically grown supply, flexibility in cooking, low environmental profile, and presence among several cultures around the world. This year, we are developing a nighttime lentil-based snack that will help people fall asleep, including those with sleep insomnia, while also providing key nutrients to supplement one’s diet with. We are a small team with less than a dozen members, but we hope to rapidly grow throughout this decade. If you are interested in partnering with or supporting us, please feel free to reach me directly at Thank you and stay safe!
Professional Chapter Updates
CAMA Alberta
President: Carolyn Lemoine, Kenna
Happy New Year to all from the CAMA AB board members. There are lots of things on the go as we get back into the swing of things. CAMA AB is going Beyond the Fence Posts co-hosting a webinar alongside CMA – Calgary Marketing Association on February 9 from 12-1 p.m. MST to explore the importance and evolution of agriculture marketing. The current perception of agri-marketing is a rancher in a cowboy hat, however the business of agriculture is bigger than those stereotypes and is expanding far beyond those fence posts. This CAMA CMA partner event looks to share how we see our industry beyond just primary agriculture and how it is evolving from a marketing standpoint. We are excited to hear from Keith Driver – CEO of Enterra Feed Corporation, Sabrina McAllister – CCO of Indelible and Todd Orman Director of Products and Services at TELUS. Our own Carolyn Lemoine will be moderating the webinar. Learn more about the webinar and register here.
Our 2021 board of directors for CAMA AB are:
Noel Blix, Think Shift – Past President
Carolyn Lemoine, Kenna – President
Mary Thornley, CAMA – Executive Director
Terry Andryo, ATB Financial – Director
Breanne Baker, Decisive Farming – Director
Kelsey Dunn, True Media Services – Director
Derek Kent, AdFarm – Director
Calissa Reid, AdFarm – Director
Anup Patel, WS – Director
Isabelle Thibout, Corteva Agriscience – Director
Looking forward to a great 2021!
CAMA Saskatchewan
President: Dean Barton, Farm Credit Canada
The CAMA SK board are please to introduce 2 new faces to our board. Rob O’Connor, Ag In Motion, Show Director, is no stranger to CAMA SK as he has tackled the role of Chapter President and Chairperson for the Best of CAMA 2007. We welcome Rob to the board in an advisory capacity. We also welcome our new board member, Catherine Beaudoin, co-founder of ZestyKits (who was one of the presenters in our CAMA SK Marketing Minutes – Food Edition). Catherine brings great perspective and suggestions from the food side of the ag industry. If you’re interesting in joining the CAMA SK board, please feel free to contact Mary at
The SK Chapter has been developing a robust webinar schedule for the CAMA membership. The pre-recorded ‘Marketing Minutes” videos/webinar have been really well executed and received by members. The pre-recorded videos are a great opportunity to see inside the businesses (and feel like you’re seeing and experiencing something different than inside their office from a Zoom call.)
Our next webinar will be on March 25 with LMNO as they present “Digital Marketing Best Practices”.
CAMA Manitoba
President: Robert Mensies, 6P Marketing
In the New Year, the CAMA MB Board of Directors were able to reflect on their efforts to deliver collaborative, networking and knowledge building opportunities to its members in the year of 2020. The team successfully hosted two webinars with local representatives from Ag Growth International and Think Shift and hosted a successful (and virtual) version of the Best of CAMA Awards.
Please join us February 18th as we hear from Sav Bellissimo with FCL in how he interprets consumer trends and identified recent changes in consumer purchasing decisions.
The CAMA MB board meets each month to plan and discuss opportunities that would benefit our members. The following board members are focusing on these portfolios:
Events – Nate Michell – currently developing the webinar schedule the remainder of the year. Plans are also being developed for a possible online networking event in April.
Student Engagement – Jodee Karlowsky and Alex Leslie – continue to build relationships with students at local colleges and universities.
Professional Development – Scott Gilmore – plans are being developed for a 1/2 day PD event that will focus on “Beyond Products in Agriculture”.
Food Development – Roberta Irvine – Roberta is utilizing her strong connections to the food industry to ensure CAMA is recognized as a valuable association.
Membership – Hiten Shah – He’s keeping on top of membership renewals and always on the lookout for new members.
Strategic Partnerships – Camila Jerger – is working to build synergies with other groups, associations and companies that align with CAMA.
Communications – Jeff English and Danielle Modjeski – ensures CAMA MB stays top of mind on social media and help to promote our upcoming events.
Executive – Robert Mensies (President), Amanda Meyer (Vice President) and Mary Thornley (Executive Director)
CAMA Ontario
President: Ben Lanthier, Sportswood Printing
CAMA Ontario directors have been working hard developing plans in each board committee!
Caleigh Van Kampen and Carson Burtwistle have been working closely together as student liaisons to the University of Guelph’s student chapter, as the student team starts to develop a marketing plan for their chosen product. 
As part of the communications committee, Brittany Salter and Kim Ratz have been working on a social media strategy to help promote CAMA ON’s presence on Twitter.
Carson has also been focused on the membership and industry partnerships committee, with a plan put in place to reach out to new members. While, CAMA Executive Director, Mary Thornley is working on developing a mentorship program to foster relationships with students, new members and CAMA members.
In the events/professional development/sponsorship committee, Ryan Hicks and Caleigh have been figuring out how to navigate through a new year of digital events, providing valuable learning opportunities to CAMA members. Stay tuned for more information on what’s to come.
Ben Lanthier, President and Mary have been champions of the governance committee as we move into the 2021-2022 period for board members. Last but certainly not least is our Past President Brian Klassen, who continues to share insights and keeps the board focused on ensure we are providing top quality in everything we do for the membership. Looking forward for all the new ideas each committee comes up with it for the new year!
ACAM Quebec
Executive Director: Luc Gagnon, CyberCreation
ACAM Quebec has partnered with the Association des communicateurs et rédacteurs de l’agroalimentaire (ACRA) so that ACAM members can get the member rate at ACRA events and vice versa. Don’t miss the next social media webinar presented by Farm Credit Canada. Under the theme “How to Build Your Personal Brand on Social Media,” this 30-minute webinar will cover topics such as creating your profile, who to follow, hashtags, how to start a conversation and find your niche. This is the 3rd in a series of 5 webinars and the first two are available for replay. The 4th episode will focus on “The Art of One-on-One Social Media Interaction” while the 5th will be used to answer questions from participants. For all the details:
In February, a webinar will be offered on video production. Some of the covered topics covered include sound recording, image stability, lighting, framing and editing. More information will be sent to you via the ACAM Quebec newsletter. If you are not already a subscriber, send us your contact details to
 ACAM Québec s’est entendu avec l’Association des communicateurs et rédacteurs de l’agroalimentaire (ACRA) afin que les membres de l’ACAM puisse obtenir le tarif membre lors des événements de l’ACRA et vice-versa. Ne manquez pas le prochain webinaire portant sur les médias sociaux présenté par Financement agricole Canada. Sous le thème « Comment créer votre marque personnelle sur les médias sociaux », ce webinaire de 30 minutes abordera des thèmes comme la création de votre profil, qui suivre, les mots clics, comment entamer la conversation ainsi que trouver sa niche. Il s’agit du 3e webinaire d’une série de 5 et les deux premiers sont disponibles en rediffusion. Le 4e épisode portera sur « L’art des interactions individuelles avec les médias sociaux » tandis que le 5e servira à répondre aux questions des participants. Pour tous les détails :
En février, un webinaire sera diffusé sur la production de vidéos. Parmi les thèmes abordés, notons la prise de son, la stabilité des images, l’éclairage, le cadrage et le montage. Plus d’informations vous seront transmises via l’infolettre de l’ACAM Québec. Si vous n’êtes pas déjà abonné, envoyez-nous vos coordonnées à
Best of CAMA
The Best of CAMA 2020 was presented virtually to acknowledge the best in Canadian agri-marketing. There were certainly elements of our gala event that were missed this year but overall our CAMA members and friends were able to enjoy the event from the safe comforts of their home or office and in their choice of footwear.
Thank you to our outstanding emcees Crystal Mackay and Andrew Campbell for their incredible ability to entertain a virtual audience for over 2 hours. We laughed, we enjoyed a few toasts and we felt connected to our colleagues and friends through social media posts and photos.
The event was a financial success thanks to the support of companies and agencies who submitted entries and to our loyal sponsors for their category sponsorships. Money raised will go towards projects that will enhance the association for all Chapters and their members.
For those who would like to watch the event again, click on the link below.
Stay tuned for information about Best of CAMA 2021.
Congratulations to These Dedicated CAMA Members
CAMA Lifetime Achievement
Brenda Trask, SeCan
The Ontario Chapter and CAMA overall remain strong and vibrant because of energetic, active members like her. Her longstanding commitment to public relations, marketing, and event management in Canadian agriculture makes Brenda a very deserving recipient of the 2020 CAMA Lifetime Achievement Award.
Agri-Marketer of the Year
Lynda Tityk, Glacier FarmMedia
As Executive Vice President & Publisher with Glacier FarmMedia, Lynda is continuously on alert for new ideas that Glacier can incorporate into its business models and new ways to empower the Glacier FarmMedia team. But always at her core, she is committed to keeping farmers needs at heart.
CAMA National Honour Roll
Noel Blix, Think Shift
Congratulations to Noel Blix for receiving the CAMA National Honour Roll certificate. Throughout his tenure on the CAMA Alberta executive board, Noel has consistently provided effective leadership. The association is grateful to Noel for his years of dedication resulting in the professional advancement of all members.
We Need Your Help To Grow CAMA
One of the reasons we all love working in agriculture is that we are a close-knit industry. We’re like a really large family. And we need your connections to help grow our Association.
We encourage each of you to think of someone who would benefit from a CAMA membership. It could be a colleague, supplier, or someone new to the industry. Please send your suggestions to Mary at
Through membership benefits and events, CAMA offers:
  • Meaningful educational opportunities through webinars, seminars and speakers
  • Networking with recent grads, emerging leaders and long-time professionals
  • Access to the latest thinking and trends in agri-marketing from leading experts
  • An annual celebration of our members and their accomplishments through Best of CAMA Awards Gala
Our association depends on a growing membership and we appreciate your support.
CABEF Update
The CABEF board of directors would like to thank industry for their tremendous support of their fundraising activities this past year. Leading up to Best of CAMA 2020, a online auction was offered and our popular Wall of Wine. Through those two initiatives, CABEF raised over $42,000. Congratulations to Rob Hannam, President of Synthesis for being the lucky recipient of the Wall of Wine!
Funds go directly to providing seven $2,500 scholarships annually to Canadian students who are entering or currently pursuing an agricultural related program full-time at a Canadian college, university or apprenticeship (trade) institution.
If you know of a student who would qualify for the scholarship, encourage them to check out our website at The 2021 application deadline is April 30, 2021. New this year, is our online application process.
We also encourage industry support in share information CABEF and the scholarships we have available.
Click here to view our Outreach Toolkit for industry members to help us reach more students in the agriculture industry. Contact Mary at if you have any questions on how you can support CABEF.
From the desk for Mary Thornley,
CAMA Executive Director
As we reflect back on 2020, it was the year that taught us we can handle challenges not in our control and learn to adapt. Our in-person meetings became webinars and our Best of CAMA awards became a virtual experience. Thank you to our members for sticking with us as we made, and continue to make, these adjustments to how we offer our programming to you. Yes we all miss the in-person meetings and networking with our industry peers, but that will happen again.
The National CAMA Committee and local Chapters continue to work on projects that will bring additional value to our members. Stay tuned for more details.
I believe 2021 will be another year of adapting and leaning on each other to ensure CAMA continues to strive in the face of adversity.
If CAMA members have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me at (519)389-6552 or
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