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Executive Director – CAMA Alberta

August 14, 2023

CAMA is the Canadian Agri-food Marketers Alliance (CAMA) is a dynamic national alliance connecting
Canada’s agri-food marketers and communicators.

Our Vision is to be the dynamic national alliance connecting Canada’s agri-food marketers.

Our Mission is to support the growth of our members through networking, professional development,
thought leadership and knowledge sharing in a collaborative environment.

The Opportunity: CAMA Alberta is looking for an Executive Director to execute the following duties:
• Organization and Facilitation of Chapter Board Meetings/AGM (6 annual meetings)
• Execution of Chapter Administration Duties
• Planning and Implementation of Membership Communications/Events/Activities
• Financial Management

We are seeking a passionate, motivated individual who is interested in Agri-food and marketing, to help
the Alberta Chapter continue to grow. Comfort working in a digital environment and using marketing
automation platforms, will be essential to the success of this role. Additionally, previous experience
working with non-profit boards and financial acumen will also be beneficial. This is a paid position.

Estimated time commitment is 10 – 15 hours per month from January to December (excluding
July/August). Although the majority of the duties can be performed remotely, we are seeking candidates
within Alberta. Specific activities (such as the AGM) may require in-person attendance.

To apply, please submit your cover letter and resume to

We thank all candidates for their interest and will only be contacting those that are accepted for

POSITION: Executive Director, CAMA Alberta
CONTRACT DURATION: 1 Year (September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2023)
SALARY: $10,200/year or $850/month (plus GST)

The Executive Director for CAMA Alberta is to aid and assist the CAMA Alberta Board of Directors in the
areas of 1. Organization/Facilitation of Chapter Board Meetings/AGM, 2. Execution of Chapter
Administration Duties, 3. Planning/Implementation of Membership Events/Activities, and 4. Financial

Assist in scheduling Board Meetings (Average 6 - 7 per year, 1-hour per, video conference)
Send meeting invite to board, and meeting reminders with agenda (1 week before)
Facilitate meetings
• Tally and report on votes
• Charter enforcement
• Time management (ensure meeting runs on time)
• Record and email meeting minutes and action items to board members within 1 week of

Maintain database of CAMA Alberta members
• Manage and deploy automated notification of membership acceptance and payment
confirmation (receipt)
• Manage and deploy automated membership renewal notices

Help coordinate and execute membership communications
• Actively improve and automate our digital communication tools to look better, more
sophisticated and increase efficiency
• Monitor email address
• Respond to general inquiries from the email address or forward
membership concerns/questions to the appropriate board resource
• Send out general updates and board news (automated email from

Actively share and ensure access to all CAMA Alberta files via a secure digital storage location
• Past meeting agendas / action items
• Contracts (books)
• Digital tools (logins/passwords)
• Financials
• Charter
• Membership lists and contact information

Maintain and update CAMA Alberta webpage (as necessary for calendar of events, new board
• The ED will work with the appropriate board resource to have the updates made;
the ED will initiate changes.

Assist sub-committees with coordination of various activities/projects as required
Complete monthly, itemized timesheets of duties performed/hours for chapter work, and make
these available to the board.

Help organize and promote events
• Aid board in booking event locations, confirming AV requirements, event food
• Help prepare presentations/provide necessary CAMA digital assets to presenters
• Help coordinate thank you/gift for guest speaker
• Support communications sub-committee in promotion of events through CAMA social and email

Help coordinate and execute event communications
• Actively look for new ways to improve our digital communication tools to make them look
better and increase efficiency
• Send event/activity announcements to members
• Automated confirmation of registration with receipt of payment
• Automated event reminders to registered (1 week before)
• Automated event reminder for unregistered (2 weeks before)

Improve our digital financial tools to improve efficiencies including the establishment of a PayPal
account directly linked to the CAMA Alberta Chapter’s bank account.
Set-up all bank accounts with one institution (ATB), with a full suite of online banking capabilities, to
facilitate easier transfer of funds (interact payments, e-transfers) and more automation. Board
Treasurer to have access and oversight to the account.

Work with an appointed Treasurer to help oversee chapter finances
• Maintain financial records and provide access to appointed Treasurer
• Provide record of all receipts, subscriptions, office expenses (specific to AB Chapter)
• Provide notification on any required travel or event expenses over $1,000 for treasurer approval
• Follow up on outstanding receivables
• File GST
• Send yearly financials to Accountant

Set up and maintain an automated process for collecting fees/sponsorship monies
• Collection of membership fees/renewal fees (renewal notices to all members at the same time
of year, fees pro-rated for those registering between years)
• Collection of event registration fees or purchases
• Facilitate easier collection of sponsorship payments where possible (PayPal or E-transfer)

Establish and maintain a process for automating required payments/refunds using a PayPal/automated
account directly linked to our Chapter’s bank account to facilitate faster payment.
• Coordinate required vendor payments (PayPal or E-transfer)
• Coordinate automated payments for Executive Director position
• Any required membership repayment (PayPal or E-transfer)
• Automated expense reimbursements (PayPal or E-transfer)