What is a Cambassador?

Why do the movers and shakers of the agri-marketing industry belong to CAMA?

It is a CAMA Ambassador – a hand-picked, Agri-Business, VIP who will provide information, advice and support directly to the CAMA membership. In addition to mentorship, the role of the Cambassador is to promote CAMA externally to individuals or groups, encourage CAMA membership and participation in events. They are an active leader within the Ag-Com Industry; who is passionate about the further education and professional development of their peers.

He/she is an Agri-Marketing enthusiast, who fosters a sense of community among their network and actively looks to identify new opportunities by connecting individuals/groups with a common purpose. They are mentors, councillors, and catalysts; who love their industry and positively reflect the values of CAMA at all times. Furthermore, they believe CAMA is a good organization that provides good value to its members.

What do they do? A Cambassador EMPARTS

E Encourages membership (recruitment)
M Mentors – Advises, shares knowledge and expertise
P Participates – Actively contributes to the industry
A Attends Activities/Events and other industry-related functions
R Reflects (positively) the spirit and values of CAMA
T Targets opportunities for CAMA board and members
S Socially engages others (networks)

Goal: Although a successful program should lead to more members and increased event attendance, the main goal is to provide additional value to our membership.

Engagement: CAMA Members are free to contact any Cambassador (even outside of their chapter). Members may access the CAMBASSADORs via their CAMA email, other social media channels or at designated events. The Cambassador will also be regularly featured on the CAMA blog, and our social media channels, with industry insights that can bring value and inspiration to the membership.

Meet Our Current Cambassadors:

Terry Andryo David Lazarenko Lillie Ann Morris

To learn how you can become a Cambassador, contact Mary at info@cama.org