Jean-Guillaume Bertola – Senior Marketing Manager at McDonald’s Canada, leading the marketing core business and the brand reputation portfolios.

Tim Faveri, Vice President, Sustainability & Shared Value at Maple Leaf Foods, who in this capacity, leads the development and execution of the strategy and initiatives that deeply embed sustainability and shared value into Maple Leaf’s culture and business. Sustainability and shared value provide the framework for Maple Leaf’s purpose – Raise the Good in Food. Based in Mississauga, ON.

Cherilyn Nagel, outspoken farmer, Past President of Western Canadian Wheat Growers, Facilitator – Real Dirt on Farming, Speaker and International Director of Global Farmer Network. Based in Mossbank, Sask.

Hannah Thompson-Weeman, Vice President of Communications, Animal Agriculture Alliance, an industry-united nonprofit organization that helps bridge the communications gap between farm and fork. Based in Arlington, VA.

Owen Roberts, AKA @TheUrbanCowboy, Research Communications Director at the University of Guelph, President of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists and journalist and columnist who typically discusses urban perspectives on agri-food issues, including the 2017 award-winning, The New Farm newspaper series. Based in Guelph, ON.

Michael Stebbins, Director of External Engagement, Council for Biotechnology Information and GMO Answers, an organization representing the major plant biotechnology companies, and responsible for public engagement on the benefits of modern agricultural biotechnology. Based in Washington, DC.