Welcome to Best of CAMA 2017!

The Best of CAMA is our industry’s annual showcase of creativity, marketing, and communications expertise. The Best of CAMA is our industry’s “Academy Awards” where peers award peers for their effort and ability. There are over 40 categories in the competition – radio, television, PR, total campaigns, crisis management, etc.

The Best of CAMA Awards is an annual event that rotates between CAMA’s chapters located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Each year, the Best of CAMA awards banquet provides an opportunity for the industry to acknowledge outstanding achievement.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Best of CAMA 2017 on Thursday, November 9th at the Delta Regina, Saskatchewan.

Thank you to our sponsors who supported the event!

LIST OF WINNERS - 2017 Best of CAMA Winners & Certificate of Merits.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next year in Montreal on November 15, 2018!



Sponsors Welcome!

Join a host of industry leaders by sponsoring a category or event at this year's Best of CAMA.  Gain exposure while demonstrating support of our agricultural community.

Take your place with key decision makers in the agriculture marketing community: agencies, clients, media and suppliers. Participate in the industry's most exciting event at an exciting time.

If you sponsored a category or specific item last year, we will contact you soon to renew your sponsorship. As a sponsor, you have a first right of refusal on the category or item you sponsored in 2016.

For new sponsors, if you would like to sponsor a category or other opportunities, please contact Brenda Trask at btrask@secan.com or call  (613) 720-7528.